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Dairy Free White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

December 12, 2020 S Malik 17 Comments

dairy free white chocolate peppermint bark

Once of the most hard to find items for someone with food allergies is a good dairy free white chocolate. If you by chance get your hands on it, it is way too expensive. Once you find this illusive item, there are so many recipe you can make. One of the recipes is the Dairy Free White Chocolate Peppermint Bark recipe.

I made this recipe from scratch even the white chocolate as it is very hard to find white chocolate in stores where I live. After much research online as well as trial and error, I learned some secrets to making a good white chocolate right at home.

How to make it dairy free

  • I used dairy free butter alternative - I found most recipes add coconut oil, but to me it defintley had a coconutty after flavor which I did not want in the chocolate.
  • Almost always white chocolate contains milk to make it creamy - you can use rice powder as an alternative.

Preventing chocolate from siezing - clumping together

  • Do not let the water get into the chocolate, even from the ingredients.
  • Do not heat the white chocolate directly, use a pan to boil water, then put another bowl containing the cocoa butter on top. The water in the bottom pot should not touch the base of the top one.
  • First let the water boil then turn off the heat and then place the bowl of cocoa butter on top.

How to use the powedered sugar

  • Usually the powdered sugar contains corn starch if you are allergic, try grinding coarse sugar in a coffee ginder to make it a powder.
  • Sift the sugar before you add it to the cocoa mixture otherwise it will lump to together.
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  • 50 mins
  • Serves 10
  • Easy


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Adjust Servings:
3/4 cup edible raw cacao butter, chopped
1 tablespoons dairy free butter alternative
2 tablespoons rice flour
1 cup powdered sugar
2 large candy canes
1 teaspoon peppermint essence

Nutritional information

Sat. Fat


5 mins
logo for handwashing
Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Boil water in a small pot. Then turn off the heat. While the water is boiling sift the sugar.
5 mins
melting cocoa butter in a bowl
Add the cocoa butter to a medium heat safe bowl. Then place the bowl over the boiled water pot, making sure the water does not touch the bowl. stir the cocoa butter until all is melted.
5 mins
melted cocoa butter powdered sugar mixture
Add the dairy free butter and stir to combine. Now add the sugar, peppermint essence and salt. Mix until the mixture is smooth.
1 mins
  • plastic wrap on baking sheet
  • dairyfree whitechoc candycane mix spread on the prepared baking sheet
Take a flat serving plate/baking tray and cover it with plastic wrap/parchment paper. Now pour the chocolate mixture on it. The mixture will be golden color (see cook's notes). Crush the candy canes and sprinle on top.
30 mins
chopped vegan white chocolate peppermint bark
Place in the refrigerator and let it cool down for 30 minutes or until set. Then take out and with the help of a knife cut into squares or break with hands. Ready to eat.
20 sec
logo for handwashing
Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Cook Notes

  • Remember to turn off the heat before putting the bowl with cocoa on the boiling water pot
  • For corn substitute see the description
  • When the mixture is hot it will be golden colour but will change to cream/white once it cools down

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    1. yes a good gift for people with food allergies

  2. This is so great. Worth trying coming Christmas.

  3. This is so great. Worth trying coming Christmas.

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