Adding shop on your Facebook page

December 01, 2018 S Malik 0 Comments

This is not a sponsored post. I am just helping out fellow bloggers to set up shop.

This post is about linking your Amazon shop to your Facebook page. I will use Amazon shop as an example here but you can also link your Etsy or any other shop you have. It is very easy. You have three options on how to do it.

The three options are as follows:

  • Adding link to your Amazon shop in your about section
  • Adding the link to 'Your Story' section of your Facebook Page
  • Adding a 'Shop Now' call-to-action button on your Facebook Page

I will explain how to do each one in detail. Do note that the steps are to be followed on a desktop, mobile view might have different steps, which I will research later and update.

Linking your Amazon shop in the about section

three dots on facebook page

First go to your page. On the top of the page just below the cover photo you will see three dots. Click on the three dots.

edit page info

Now click on the 'Edit Page Info'.

add link to description

A pop up will appear. Here you can add the link to the description section. Also put an affiliate earning disclosure, just before or after the link. Save and you are done.

Linking your Amazon shop in the 'Your Story' section

Your Story on facebook page

Similar to the about section, there is also a section called 'Your Story'. It appears on the sidebar on the right. Here you can add a more personal touch to your page description. You can add a separate image, from your profile picture and cover picture. This can also be a good spot to add the link, so when your follower clicks on the story, it also shows your Amazon link. If you have not already added 'Your story' to your page, see instructions on how to add one.
Your Story section

Click on the story section itself, which will open up the story section.

edit your story on facebook page

Now click on the 'edit story' on the top right corner. Then add the link along with disclaimer.

your story image

Linking your Amazon shop with a call-to-action button

Usually there is a call-to-action button option right under your cover photo. I will recommend this option as it looks more elegant. If you have not already added a call to action, such as 'Message'(you receive messages in Messenger), 'Call' or 'Email', you will get the text '+ Add a button'. You can select that and then follow the steps below. If you have already added the button, then you just choose the 'Edit button' option and follow the steps below.
call to action button on facebook page

Hoover on the button will make an option menu show up. Select the 'Edit Button' or '+ Add a button' option.

add shop now on facebook page

A pop up will appear, giving you the different options to add. Select 'Shop Now' option.

shop now website link

In Step 2 you will choose 'Website Link'. Then add your link and save.

adding link to your story

Adding 'Your Story' Section to Facebook Page

For adding 'Your Story' section to your page, follow the first two steps from the Adding the link to About section. Once you have the edit page pop up, scroll all the way down and click on 'See All Information'.

adding your story

You will see the option to add your story, along with other page details. Add image, text and link to your shop.

styling your story

Hope this helps. I would recommend to add the shop now button but it doesn't hurt to get as much exposure to your link as you can. If you have a question or do not understand let me know in the comments.