Rainbow Cupcake Cones

August 25, 2019 S Malik 3 Comments

Quick, Easy, Gluten Free and Egg-less Rainbow Cupcake Cones

This Quick, Easy, Gluten Free and Egg-less Rainbow Cupcake Cones recipe was requested by my Instagram followers. I actually came across this recipe while my daughter was browsing Youtube videos. She likes to watch recipes that are unusual. She showed the recipe to me and insisted on making it. Of course, it was full of allergens that my children cannot consume. So I adopted the recipe to make it allergy friendly. The recipe is basically similar to how you would make a cupcake but instead of putting the batter in cupcake liners you put them in ice cream cones and bake. Here I used gluten free ice cream cones, which are usually available in the organic section of the grocery store, if you are in North America.

I will let you in on a secret, I am not a very good baker. The things I bake mostly turn out a disaster, especially if I am adapting the recipe to suit our dietary needs and even more if they are deserts. So I stir clear of baking mostly. I also tend to use baking mixes, simply because they are quick, easy and mostly disaster proof. So here I have used a baking mix, which makes this recipe a breeze to make. However, the main part of this recipe is not the cake ingredients but how the batter is used to make it into a cupcake cone. So you can use your own recipe or any white/golden cake mix. For some reason we only use four colors and that gives us enough batter for each color to make 10 cones. If you use more than four colors you might need more cake batter to make 10 cones.

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  • 00:45 mins.
  • Makes: around 10
  • Easy


Adjust Servings:
1 pack gluten free cake mix
a few drops assorted food colors of choice
10 gluten free ice cream cones
muffin baking tray


5 min
adding the ingredients to the bowlmixing the gluten free batter
Preheat the oven to 350o F. Meanwhile, prepare the cake batter according to instructions or use your own recipe.
5 min
  • divide the batter between four bowls
  • adding color drops to each bowl
  • mixing the colors into gluten free batter
Divide the batter into four bowls. Add a few drops of any food colors you like, a different color in each bowl and mix.
2 min
adding gluten free ice cream cones to muffin tin
Take a muffin tray and put a cone in each muffin holder.
5 min
  • layering the batter into cone
  • adding orange gluten free batter
  • adding green eggless batter
  • adding egg free red batter
  • filled up wheat free cones
Now take a colored batter and fill each of the cones with a teaspoon of the batter. Repeat with each color until all the cones are filled.
40 mins
baked Quick, Easy, Gluten Free and Egg-less Rainbow Cupcake Cones
Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until the toothpick when inserted into the centre comes out clear.

Cook Notes

  • Make sure to use a different teaspoon for each color.
  • Use your own recipe instead of a cake mix.
  • Use more than just four colors of your choice, adjust the batter accordingly.
  • Use chocolate cake mix to make chocolate cupcake cones.

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  1. Oh you are reading my mind! I'm exactly like you, I'm not a great baker. In fact, I'm terrible so I do cheat and get store bought stuff too. Love that I can try this recipe. So ingenius too:)

  2. I am definitely not a baker either so I feel excited to know that even a beginner like me could try my hand at these cuties!